printIQ – Empowering your print business with intelligent cloud-based print MIS

Empowering your print business with intelligent cloud-based print MIS

About printIQ

printIQ is a seamless, end-to-end cloud-based MIS solution that brings flexibility and visibility to your print business. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, printIQ brings efficiency to estimating, ordering, e-Commerce, production, and more.

Accurate Estimating

Our logic engine provides accurate estimates to ensure profitability. Simplified Quotes allows for anyone within your business to create an estimate, enabling faster pricing for your customers.

Efficient Production Management

Empower your staff to take control of the entire production process by monitoring all jobs from quote to production. Integrated scheduling paired with inventory management provides real-time visibility to the entire process.  

Transparent Job Tracking

Job Tracks offer full visibility for your staff and customers alike. Identify milestones as each job moves through the product lifecycle – quoting, production, and shipping. Your customers receive updates and know exactly when to expect their products

Seamless Integrations

printIQ integrates with a wide range of industry partners to deliver end-to-end workflow automation. From web-to-print, to pre-press and file management, to accounting, our integrations reduce manual touchpoints, streamline processes, and ultimately increase profitability.  

3 benefits of using your system

With Tharstern you get everything you need to run your print business. Our print MIS software provides a complete workflow management system for printers and converters


Our goal is to learn about your business from the ground up by listening carefully from our first interaction with you


By understanding how your business works, we work with you to build your MIS to match your production floor. This brings clarity and accuracy to the system.


Our MIS is designed to support multi-sector workflows, so you’ll always have the option to diversify if you ever want to, without adding additional software or swapping your MIS