A Print Initiative

Collaboration is the key when we are all aiming towards a shared goal. 

We all want to see print thrive, so we are organising a series of open days over 2023 to celebrate print and highlight all of the exciting technological advances made within this medium. 

This is an interactive experience, as we all know that print service providers could use a little help sometimes. That doesn’t mean that our events are a stuffy environment where we tell you what to do – in fact it’s the opposite. 

Print with Pride is about listening to what is right for YOUR business, we believe we can create the very best solution for you.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Xerox Innovation Center

7th of February 2023 – Valentines theme

Duplo Showroom

23rd of March 2023 – Easter theme

Canon Showroom

16th of May 2023 – Napoleon theme


Paper, Packaging, Visual Communications

In a rapidly evolving market, Antalis are passionate about guiding our customers through the latest print technologies and innovative new products to ensure they maximize the use of their digital equipment, generate new revenue streams and penetrate new markets

The multi-sector MIS software with connections

Our MIS software will help you speed up the estimate and job lifecycle and automate your business processes. You’ll also gain access to a whole team of print technology experts who will work with you to continually improve your workflow

No Jargon, No Oversell, Just Solutions

With over 50 years of combined experience in the Print and Graphics Arts sector, ASL Group supply industry leading digital print devices. Their business deals with the core needs of its clients providing a range of products from market leading best in class manufacturers.

Brand Management at your Fingertips

Web2Print is not just ordering print online. It provides powerful, personalised content, seamlessly integrating with MIS, workflows, ERP/CRM software. Vpress are a trusted partner for many companies who have grown their business and customer loyalty with our proven solution.

It’s not a product until it’s finished

We provide automated and easy to use finishing solutions for the print and digital packaging market. Automating complex manual processes and connecting finishing solutions to your print production, Duplo improves efficiencies and reduces errors to help you produce more, with less.