Tharstern – The multi-sector MIS software with connections

Tharstern are the perfect partner if you want to continually improve your business and become even more efficient, and you know that technology is the key to all this. But how do you make that happen?

About Tharstern

Tharstern Desktop is a complete workflow management system designed for print professionals who want to make their company run faster, better and smarter. It’s for those who want to speed up print jobs so they flow swiftly through each department with little intervention, and free up their team so they can provide the exceptional customer experience and fast delivery times that the modern print buyer demands. We continually add new functionality that will allow you to drive change and make improvements BUT without sacrificing the things that make your company so great. We can offer you advice and guidance on all aspects of automation and integration, and help you push your company forward to the next stage in its technological evolution.

Sales & Marketing Tools

A print-specific CRM that allows you to create targeted marketed lists based on past estimates and orders.

Integration with class-leading marketing automation software so you can send beautiful marketing campaigns to your targeted lists.

Automated Workflows

From sales and invoicing through to production and delivery, and everything in between!

We can help you build an automated workflow that speeds up your estimate and job lifecycle.  

The Workflow Experts

We have some of the most established connections to press and prepress workflows in the printing industry.

We work with all the leading industry vendors and have done for decades.

Looking for the Best MIS?

With Tharstern you get everything you need to run your print business. Our print MIS software provides a complete workflow management system for printers and converters

Access Anywhere

Access estimates and jobs on Tharstern Desktop via a web browser, on any device and in any location

A True Technology Partner

We help our customers to continuously improve using technology and are often told we’re “like a member of the team”.


Our MIS is designed to support multi-sector workflows, so you’ll always have the option to diversify if you ever want to, without adding additional software or swapping your MIS